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Hi! I am Amit Mukherjee. Thanks for visiting my page. ‘Half Explored’ was created to give a face to the mission of my life, the ‘Journey of Self Exploration’. At an age of 33, during a very critical stage of my life, I started to realize, as the legendary Jim Carrey once said, that my body and soul needed a deep rest from the character that I had been trying to play. I needed to find my lost self or rediscover it, so, I started traveling in the Himalayas. I don’t know whether my journey of ‘seeking’ would answer to my questions or not, however, my hunt for the unknown will be on.

Upcoming Projects

‘For the love of Alaknanda’

Kagbhusandi Taal (5,230 Mtrs.) Trek – 1st Week of June’ 2020
Bhyundar Khal (5100 Mtrs.) Trek – 2nd Week of June’2020
Satopanth Taal/ Swargarohini Steps Trek – October’2020
Neelkanth Base Camp Trek – October’2020
Arwa Taal Trek – October’2020

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  • Musically Unified
    Convergence is another meaning of Unity. The great 19th century Bengali mystic Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa once said – “যত মত, তত পথ (Joto Mot, Toto Poth)” which means that – “There are as many roads to seek, as there are thoughts or ideals”, however, all roads converge to the unity and the unity of allContinue reading “Musically Unified”
  • Founding of Rome after Troy
    The connection of Troy and Rome always fascinated me. I always wanted to know how is the great war related to the great city

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Join me in my upcoming Travel Projects. Call me in (+974) 3337-2544 or use the form below.

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‘Half Explored’ is a place for the Himalayan Lovers and Passionate Travelers, and not for the tourists. It is not even a travel agency. It is for them who either for their thirst of knowledge, peace, spirituality or adventure want to challenge themselves & travel the world. If you are one of them, please do join me in my upcoming journeys. Together we can help ourselves to grow and accomplish our travel goals.


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